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APKY/AMP: Hello Dr Che, it's such a pleasure to speak with you about  your book. And it is great to have you here at Dr. David CheAuthorMeProfessionals. We thank you for giving us this interview about your book The Total Law of Attraction. It was such a thrill reading The Total Law of Attraction that it felt like you were with me on each page, audibly talking to me. I am looking forward to getting more insights into this book directly from you, Dr Che. To start with, tell me more about yourself?

Dr. David Che: I am dentist by training and profession, but the law of attraction has been something that has greatly interested me since I was a child. I came to the United States when I was 4 years old, and we didn't have much growing up. I wanted to discover ways in which I could use the power of my mind to manifest the things I want in life. I read many books on the subject and applied the information I learned. Once I started to see how the process worked, I wanted to show other people how to also tap into their hidden power to also attract what they want.

APKY/AMP: Very noble indeed. You dedicate the book to all individuals who have been searching for the Secrets of the Law of Attraction (LOA). Is this how you come to the idea of writing this book in particular?

 Dr. David Che: Yes, I realized that even though I had discovered the way on how to attract what I want in life, there were many other people who were searching for this information but couldn't find it, mostly because the majority of books out there were incomplete. Therefore, I dedicated my book to these individuals.

APKY/AMP: In Total Law of Attraction, you have an epitaph with each chapter including the Introduction. Can you tell me andTotal Law of Attraction, by Dr. David Che the readers more about the effects of Belief and our brain processes?

 Dr. David Che: Belief in a process or something is the driving force behind the law of attraction. It is the power which determines whether our subconscious mind will bring us what we want. Even though belief has been discussed throughout many times in history, I want to say I've really simplified the explanation in my book so anyone can understand it. I've taken the spiritual and metaphysical side of it and focus mostly on the SCIENCE behind it.

APKY/AMP: Even though THE SECRET has sold millions of copies, it has received harsh criticism from the media and from those who claim the Law of Attraction doesn’t work in their life. Can you address the criticism and why the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work?

 Dr. David Che: The vast majority of criticism comes from a lack of true understanding of the Law of Attraction. The underlying cause of the lack of understanding resulted from the teachers featured in The Secret, where they claim that everything we attract into our life is from either our good or bad thoughts. This was a major and dangerous oversimplification of the law which has created a lot of shortcomings and criticisms in the media. Even the official sequel to The Secret called The Power, did not address the shortcomings.

APKY/AMP: Dr. Che, I still find it incredible: this idea of “think you have money and you’ll have it.” What about the thought of “I’m better off than most” or “Others are worse off than I am.” Which of the two variations would be Positive and attract/manifest more positive feelings?

 Dr. David Che: The way I look at it, the moment you are presented with the information I teach in my book, you are already "better off than most", so I think this variation is the most positive. People who don't understand how the law of attraction works are living their life by default everyday. Once people are aware that they have the hidden power to change their destiny, they are already much better off than people who aren't aware of it.

APKY/AMP: Why did you write a book about the Law of Attraction when there are so many others out there?

Dr. David Che: At last count, there were 797 books on Amazon for the search word law of attraction. That’s almost 800 books! I would say 99% of these books are simply rehashing the same thing another book is. Most of these books were written right after The Secret was released in 2006 to simply capitalize on The Secret’s success. After going through these books, I realized that almost all of them were missing the key secrets of the law of attraction. I decided to write a book to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle.

 APKY/AMP: How do you manage to so easily make what, to most of us is incomprehensible, so clear? I particularly remember the explanation with the blank piece of paper to explain the waves of energy in space and all the “probabilities”. That blank piece of paper did the trick for me!

 Dr. David Che: I discovered at a young age, that I had the ability to make complex theories easy to understand. One way is to use everyday analogies people can understand and apply it to the complicated things. It's been said that there's an easy way to explain anything, the hard part is finding it!

APKY/AMP: I completely agree with you, Dr. Che. Now tell me, how is your book different from the others on the market?

Dr. David Che: If you notice, most books on the market are either motivational or metaphysical. Motivational meaning they get you all excited, but don’t provide any information of real value to success. Metaphysical is when they start getting really into spiritual things which don’t have much real world application. My book is different in that it is NEITHER. It is designed to be extremely down to earth and practical, while giving the true science and secrets behind the law of attraction.

APKY/AMP: Dr Che, is the Subconscious a sort of Yes-Sayer to all our wishes – good and bad – while the Conscious is the proverbial Guardian Angel?

Dr. David Che: For all practical purposes, YES. That's a good way to describe it.


APKY/AMP: Coming back to Belief again. You explain that living by default and living by design has to do with Belief. Can you tell us a bit more of this fascinating aspect in LOA, Dr Che?

 Dr. David Che: Belief plays a factor, but there is much more to it. In my book, I list out the 4 steps you need to manifest anything. Then there is the concept of being able to let go of what you want in order to attract it. All of this is explained in detail and once you fully understand how this all works, you'll be able to create your life by your own design instead of relying on UNRELIABLE things like the government to help you through life.

APKY/AMP: Right, a lot of “unreliability” out there. Is the Law of Attraction a magic bullet for all of life’s problems?

Dr. David Che: There is not one thing in this world that is the magic bullet for all of life’s problems. Just as there is no one drug that can treat every single disease, the Law of Attraction can’t be used to solve every single problem.

APKY/AMP: Why is The Secret an oversimplification of The Law of Attraction?

Dr. David Che: Because the teachers featured in it basically teach that every single thing we’ve attracted into our lives has been the result of our thoughts, good or bad. So according to them, we can change anything in our lives by basically thinking about it. That’s wishful thinking and amounts to very little success in the real world. There is much more to the Law of Attraction than they say. You can’t just pin this thing only on The Secret though. Books written in the last 100 years on this subject have oversimplified it too. Most people don’t know that The Secret was based off a book written over 100 years ago!

APKY/AMP: Okay, I’m now going to skip over to a subject that interests many people: the lottery. Does or can the Law of Attraction work here? Whether Yes or No, please give us a short explanation as to the why.

 Dr. David Che: Without getting too complicated, the answer is NO. The reason is, the law of attraction works best for things that only YOU yourself are aware of. The more people that are thinking or that are aware of the SAME thing you are, the less the chance it will manifest because of all the competition. In the case of the lottery, you have millions of people playing and thinking of the same thing.

APKY/AMP: Wow, there goes my illusion! Why is it incorrect to believe that what we think about always attracts good or evil in our lives? 

Dr. David Che: Our thoughts play a factor in what we attract into our lives, but again, there is much more to the whole process than just thoughts.

APKY/AMP: Okay. So is everything that happens in our lives a result of our own thoughts?

Dr. David Che: No. Imagine if you were playing a sport and someone by accident injures you. According to The Secret, you attracted that to yourself. Or, what if you were unknowingly working in an environment with asbestos and you developed mesothelioma? Did you really attract it to yourself? I don’t think that’s the case. A lot of what we’re attracting to ourselves is a result of our thoughts, but not all of it. There are exceptions like anything else in life.

APKY/AMP: Very true. What advice, then, would you give to a person who has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer?

Dr. David Che: I agree with The Secret that one should have a positive outlook when one is diagnosed with cancer or any other type of disease. I disagree in that they say you can defeat the disease just through positive thinking. Again, they are making the law into the magic bullet for everything, which is incorrect. I would tell a person who has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer to always stay positive, and seek good medical treatment. I do feel though that a negative attitude towards a disease surely doesn’t help the body recover.

APKY/AMP: What is your response to Joe Vitale, a contributor to The Secret, who told ABC News, "See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works. It works every time with every person."

Dr. David Che: I like and respect Joe Vitale. However, he is partially correct in his statement. The first step in being abundant is to see yourself in abundance. But notice I said FIRST STEP. There are more steps involved to becoming abundant. Again, we’re coming back to Joe, as a teacher of The Secret oversimplifying things. He’s making things simple to motivate people, but that only goes so far. You’ll surely get critics who’ll say, “Then if all Americans in this economic recession see themselves abundant, w[hy] shouldn’t they all get jobs?”

APKY/AMP: Again, so true. What do you say to other proponents of the Law of Attraction that it works every time?

Dr. David Che: I would ask them, tell me something in this world that works every time! Nothing in this universe is 100% certain, and that includes the Law of Attraction. I was taught in school to “never say never and never say always.” With that being said, the Law of Attraction is a powerful tool we can use to achieve success. It might not work 100% of the time, but wouldn’t you want to learn something that can increase your chances of success? I’m sure everyone would.

APKY/AMP: Thank you, Dr Che. I now give you the chance to offer us any sample chapters or excerpts from your book Total Law of Attraction.

Dr. David Che: The best way to get more information about my book is to go to my website:
My website has radio interviews and my TV interviews talking about the law of attraction. You can also download some sample chapters of my book there too. My book is currently the #1 Law of Attraction book according to Amazon!

 APKY/AMP: Incredible! Thank you once again, Dr Che and we at AuthorMeProfessionals wish you all the best in your future and in your endeavours to inspire more people to lead a happy life.

Dr. David Che: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my information so I can help to improve the lives of everyone in the world!