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Author Interview With K. D. Richardson

APKY/AMP: Hello again, Kent, it's such a pleasure to speak with you about  your book. And it is great to have you here at AuthorMeProfessionals. We thank you for K.D. Richardsongiving us this interview about your book A Union of Souls. It was such a thrill reading each page, but each time I thought I had it figured out, the genre slipped off my hands. How did you come to write A Union of Souls?


I always liked the movie 'Heaven Can Wait,' and recently I was inspired by the Zac Brown Band's song 'Chicken Fried.' It was about a 'good ol' southern boy' who, as he put it, liked his steak chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right... and so on. I wondered how someone would get to that point in their life...where they took the time to enjoy the simple things in life. So, I began to write. I started out with two men, Louis Sherman, a bookish overweight man from New York, and a redneck named Travis Lane who was an alcoholic wife-beater, and both were very dissatisfied in their personal lives for different reasons. 

Louis Sherman lived a life permeated by gloom. His wasn’t a life lived in self-pity, mind you, but one of survival. The untimely death of his older brother when both were quite young cast a dark shroud over the Sherman family. 

Travis Lane also lived a troubled life. His father abandoned the family when Travis was only seven years old. He never forgave life for casting him into a world where he always had to fend for himself - from the inside out. Once that story line was established, I then interjected an accident involving the two. Travis wakes up in the hospital, but he vaguely recalls the name 'Sherman' for some reason. He remembers nothing else from his past. 

 A Union of Souls Cover

APKY/AMP: Geniality, as I said. So which genre would you say it is?


A Union of Souls is definitely a drama.


APKY/AMP: Right, I agree totally, Kent. Can you tell me and the readers more about what message you wanted to impart or share with us?


I guess the book relays the message that it's never too late in life to explore another path to accomplish what fits the need of your soul. These two characters certainly utilized an unorthodox method to get from point A to point B, but one could take their existence as a metaphor when life hands you something you're not prepared to handle. 


APKY/AMP: Kent, I’m still quite baffled. Would I be right to suspect that there’s a spiritual context in A Union of Souls?


There is a spiritual context to the story, but not necessarily a religious one. Let's face it, whether a person is religious or not, most would agree that on some level, we're a spiritual being, not just a glob of molecules, thrown together and moving through this realm. There is a rhyme and reason for our existence whether one believes that it is controlled by a supreme being, or just by one's own personal decisions. We all have distinct and varied personalities, and what drives each and every one of us is a mystery. It's the revelation of our drives, desires, hopes, and dreams that make us different from all others. It's the spirits of each of us combined to create what we refer to as mankind is what we're all about. That interests me.   


APKY/AMP: Wow, you’re my kindred soul when it comes to spirituality – I‘m always amazed at the fact that every single humankind had the concept of god or the gods. I still find it incredible: this idea of Louis/Travis sort of spiritual shape shifting. But you managed to pull it off even at the final chapter with the Spirit explaining the whole thing to Travis at the cemetery in New York. How did you work that out? 


Well, I just couldn't leave Travis hanging there, now could I? He was on to something. He knew things weren't right after his accident. He had to find out what his true background was, and he was definitely on to something. Despite his spirit guide's advice, being the curious human that he was, he had to find out. That way, he would be free to make his own decisions about his future. And let's face it, our future is all we've got at this point. But, everything seemed to fit into place, and I was extremely happy when the story tied itself to a satisfying conclusion. 


APKY/AMP: It definitely did. Have you written – or plan to write – more books in the same genre as A Union of Souls? I mean that book is quite a feat, Kent!


I recently completed a screenplay/novella titled The Reawakening. It carries a similar theme, but is actually quite different. It's more out of the mold of 'To Dance With The White Dog,' a beautiful screenplay starring Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronin. There are some similarities with ‘A Union of Souls,’ so I decided to submit it as a screenplay, and hold off for another 18 months submitting it as a novella. Gives them time to breathe. 


APKY/AMP: Know what, I just might hassle you into teaching me the art of screenplay writing. J  Which brings me to my next question: How do you manage to so easily make what, to most of us, is incomprehensible, so worth the read?


If you're going to write, write what you're interested in reading. If you're lucky enough to have a plethora of ideas, then you might want to take it a step farther and write what the people want to read...or better yet, what people are willing to spend their hard-earned money for. Writing is nice, but if you want to sell, you need to listen to where the market is trending. 


APKY/AMP: True enough. One can still find a way to remain unique, and you obviously have in this book. So, how is your book different from the others on the market?


I don't know of a lot of books like this on the market, but I believe everyone desires a second chance at life. People enjoy stories containing inspiration and reflection, and I think that's why ‘A Union of Souls’ will appeal to a wide audience.  Also, since I write both screenplays and novels/novellas, I tend to write in the novel style, but dream the story as if I'm watching it on a screen. Works for me!


APKY/AMP: It certainly does! Thanks so much for the opportunity to read this unique book, Kent. We at AuthorMeProfessionals highly recommend A Union of Souls, especially to readers looking for something both inspirational and reflective.