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See our thoughtful dos and don'ts for blog writing (above).

What is a Story Deconstruction?

Here are a few hundred basic, first-draft, highly simplified story deconstructions by Kal Bashir.

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Below is/will be your one-stop-shop; an alphabetical list of all the authors, agents, editors and publishers and marketers who have been involved in this website so far, with future contributors appearing as their item goes live (all genres are fiction unless otherwise stated). Our contributors need not be only authors, as stated above – we welcome agents and publishers as well.

Blog interviews

I’m delighted to bring you a variety of blog author interviews, appearing at the time of issue (usually 7am UK time daily) on my home page with the links archived in here. I have authors from various genres and hope that you enjoy ‘meeting’ them. Below is a list of those already posted or scheduled and below that are details of how to take part if you’d like to… it’s fairly painless I promise you. Beschreibung: :)

If you are an author and either feel the full interview is too much or would like some exposure before your interview goes live (as I’m currently working on an 10-week backlog for it) I’m also now posting a regular ‘author spotlight’ which is written by you, read then posted by me. Take a look at the (URL author sportlight) to get the idea of what we need then do (email address) if you’re interested in this option. You’re welcome to do both. Beschreibung: :)

The blog interviews are usually posted mornings CET time with other content (author spotlights, guest posts, flash fiction etc. evenings CET time) – new podcast info. usually appears Monday mornings CET time.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to everything involved with this blog (and my other commitments; work, writing, house, editing, grandson and so on) I am unable to do book reviews but welcome your flash fiction for Flash Fiction Fridays(?) or if you’d like critique on them (the story is only read out, not posted on the blog) my (podcast?) I also review short stories once a week.

If you’d like to take part in one of these weekly posts feel free email link us. An author spotlight is made up of a 250-word max. third person biography, 500-word max first-person about your writing / anything interesting writing-related, then links to you and your work. If you would like to, you can also provide a photograph of yourself and your book cover(s). This adds colour to the interview and guest blogs. Please send as PDF or JPEG attachments rather than email-embedded text / photos, thank you.

Unfortunately due to time constraints, I can’t do book reviews but I do also welcome writing-related guest blogs (max 1000 words, please (email link) us in advance to discuss the topic.

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